1943 Part 10 – October

Centuries of Sound
Centuries of Sound
1943 Part 10 - October

At Centuries of Sound I am making mixes for every year of recorded sound. The download here is only for the tenth section of the mix. For the full 4.5-hour version please come to patreon.com/centuriesofsound for downloads and a host of other bonus materials for just $5 per month. This show would not be possible without my supporters on there, so please consider signing up or sharing this with someone who may be interested.

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(Clips from Lassie Come Home)
02:07 Charlie Parker – I’ve Found A New Baby
(Clip from Treasury Star Parade)
(Clip from Review of The Year 1943)
(Clip from BBC – Freddy Grisewood Reports Italy At War With Germany)
06:03 Aníbal Troilo – La Cumparsita
(Clips from Himmler Speech)
08:45 Sekinomu – Kayanda (Ganda; Uganda)
(Clips from CBS World News Today)
(Clip from WAC Recruits Take Oath of Enlistment)
10:22 Django Reinhardt – Blues Clair
(Clips from Eisenhower War Loans Drive Speech)
13:27 Lead Belly – John Hardy
(Clips from It’s That Man Again)
15:09 New Mayfair Dance Orchestra – Pedro The Fisherman
(Clips from It’s That Man Again)

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