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Articles about Centuries of Sound

Hyperallergic (Claire Voon) – A Mixtape for Every Year of the History of Recorded Sound –
Considering the soundscapes of yesteryear, one man is offering us his mixtapes from the history of audio recordings – Probably the best-received piece about the site, based on interview questions, and reading something like an interview, which was a first for me at the time.

The New Yorker – Centuries of Sound – 1927 – Michaelangelo Matos – Review of one of my favourite mixes in The New Yorker

AVClub (Matt Gerardi) – Great Job Internet – This blog is making a mixtape for every year since the invention of recorded sound – A comprehensive piece based on a few interview questions

Open Culture – The Web Site “Centuries of Sound” is Making a Mixtape for Every Year of Recorded Sound from 1860 to Present – Thoughtful piece which I love for mentioning the editing style (50% of what I hear when I listen to the mixes)

Reason (Jesse Walker) – Review: Centuries of Sound – Descriptive review from a US magazine

Cambridge Independent – Celebrating the 1920s by reviving the sounds of the era – Newspaper article from February 19th 2020

Laughing Squid (Lori Dorn) – Centuries of Sound, Original Historical Soundtracks From Each Year of Recorded Sound Since 1859

The Guardian (Simon Fluendy) – Podcasts of the Week 6th July 2018

Nova – Une mixtape pour chaque année de son enregistré depuis 1860 C’est le projet de « Centuries of Sound » – French coverage

Piqd (Kurt Tutschek) – Der Lauf der Jahrzehnte im Spiegel der Musik – German Coverage

Binar – Звуци през вековете – Russian Coverage

Appearances on radio & other podcasts

Geopats Virtual Expats Show

Your Podcast or Mine

WW1 Centennial News (36 minutes in)

German Public Radio (mp3 link)

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