1920 in Art

Albert Gleizes - Woman With Black Glove

Albert Gleizes – Woman With Black Glove

George Washington Lambert – A sergeant of the Light Horse

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin – 1918 in Petrograd (Petrograd Madonna)

Mario Sironi – Truck

Charles Sheeler – Church Street El

Charles Demuth – Machinery

Max Ernst – The Hat Makes the Man

Joan Miró – Horse, Pipe and Red Flower

Paul Klee – Camel (in rhythmic landscape with trees)

Stanley Spencer – The Last Supper

Thomas Hart Benton – People of Chilmark

Georg Scholz – Industrial Farmers

George Grosz – Daum marries her pedantic automaton George

Otto Dix – The Card Players

Hans Baluschek – City of Workers

Winifred Knights – The Deluge

Stanton MacDonald-Wright – Airplane Synchromy in Yellow-Orange

Boris Kustodiev – Trinity Day

Cecilia Beaux – Portrait of Georges Clemenceau

Giorgio de Chirico – Self-portrait

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