1919 in Art

Georgia O'Keeffe - Blue and Green Music

Georgia O’Keeffe – Blue and Green Music

Edward Wadsworth – Dazzle-ships in Drydock at Liverpool

Colin Gill – Heavy Artillery

Paul Nash – The Menin Road

Henry Lamb – Irish troops in the Judean hills surprised by a Turkish bombardment

John Singer Sargent – Gassed

Max Beckmann – The Night

Stanley Spencer – Travoys with Wounded Soldiers Arriving at a Dressing Station at Smol, Macedonia, September 1916

Norman G. Arnold – The Last Fight of Captain Ball, VC, DSO and 2 Bars, MC, 7th May 1917

Sydney Carline – Flying Over the Desert at Sunset, Mesopotamia

John Arnesby Brown – The Line of the Plough

Elioth Gruner – Spring Frost

Pablo Picasso – Paysage (Landscape with Dead and Live Trees)

Max Ernst – Aquis Submersus

Man Ray – Seguidilla

Hannah Höch – Dada – Review

Gino Severini – Bohémien Jouant de L’Accordéon

Joan Miró – Nu au miroir

Kees van Dongen – La robe rose

Gustave Van de Woestyne – Adrienne

Zinaida Serebriakova – House of Cards

Georgia O’Keeffe – Red and Orange Streak

Marcel Duchamp – L.H.O.O.Q.




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