1918 in art

John Nash - Oppy Wood, 1917, Evening

John Nash – Oppy Wood, 1917, Evening

Georgia O’Keeffe – The Flag

Anna Airy – Women Working in a Gas Retort House

John Hodgson Lobley – Outside Charing Cross Station, July 1916

Joan Miró – La casa de la palmera

Arkady Rylov – In High Azure

Boris Kustodiev – The Merchant’s Wife

Jean Metzinger – Fruit and a Jug on a Table

Pablo Picasso – Arlequin au violon (Harlequin with Violin)

Carlo Carrà – L’Ovale delle Apparizioni

Edouard Vuillard – Le Grand Teddy

William Strang – Lady with a Red Hat

Viktor Vasnetsov – Frog Princess

Solomon Joseph Solomon – Nina Salaman

Fernand Léger – Bargeman

William Roberts – The First German Gas Attack at Ypres

Eric Kennington – Gassed and Wounded

George Grosz – The Funeral

Paul Klee – Warning of the Ships

John Nash – Over The Top

Wyndham Lewis – A Canadian Gun-Pit

William Orpen – Zonnebeke

Paul Nash – We Are Making a New World



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