The Centuries of Sound Listening List

Centuries of Sound is going slightly open source as of today.

Here is a google sheet which contains my planned listening for each year. And I’m inviting you to come and add to it.

  • Data is taken from a number of sources including rateyourmusic and acclaimed music
  • Should go artist – title – type – year – if you find mistakes please correct
    For early years we are going by recording date, not release date – later this will get more complicated of course
  • Please feel free to add extra tracks or even LPs at the end of the list, if they are missing, but no more than a few per year, please.
  • Years marked with a * are completed – but if you spot any obvious things missing please feel free to add
  • Be cautious with sources – I am listing to contemporary recordings only – if it was composed then and recorded later, it doesn’t fit


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