CoS at The British Podcast Awards 2019

A blog post about our trip to an awards ceremony yesterday. If this is not of interest, please check almost every other page on the site for much less self-indulgent content.

Yesterday I went along with V (my long-suffering non-podcasting other half) to The British Podcast Awards in London. The show had been nominated for the ‘Bullseye Award’ – “for podcasts delivering a compelling listening experience to niche audiences” – and while I do aim to make this the most universal listening experience on the internet, I do accept that pre-jazz era recordings are probably only of interest to a select group of people (and you are one of them! so well done you!)

As this is a proper event, I had to submit a high-resolution version of the artwork, which I made in MS paint. Looking at it displayed with the other podcasts did make me think I should probably rework it a little.

The nominees, sponsors and other people who had decided to attend had an hour-long mingle before the show started. I didn’t see anyone more famous than Miranda Sawyer or Olly Mann, neither of whom is really a household name, and I didn’t take any selfies with them because that’s something other people do and I physically cannot. Here is me with (again) my show artwork, looking very red, not pointing at Chris Moyles, honestly.

The show was fairly brief (a good thing, nobody likes an interminably long awards show, please take note my former employers in China), there were only a couple of speeches, some things I like won awards, and the presenter was funny, so all good. Oh and maybe I do take selfies, maybe this is why I shouldn’t. V, on the other hand, looks stunning, as always.

I didn’t win the award, but I did get the “bronze prize” (i.e. third place) which means I’m allowed to display this thing on the site for the foreseeable future.

So anyway, a good time was had by all, seemed like the winners were fairly worthy ones, and hopefully next year there will be ‘history’ or ‘music’ categories I’ll be able to enter. Until then, please consider supporting Centuries of Sound by joining my patreon, by listening via the radiopublic app, by recommending us to any friends you think may be interested, or by writing reviews on your favorite podcasting service. Unlike seemingly everyone else at the awards, I have no production team to help, and make all of this in my spare time, so I am very grateful for any assistance received, large or small.

Thanks everyone for reading, and see you back in 1913 on Tuesday.

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