1895 in Art

Sir Frederic Leighton - Flaming June

Sir Frederic Leighton – Flaming June

George William Joy – The Bayswater Omnibus

Edvard Munch – Madonna

Thomas Eakins – Portrait of Maud Cook

Paul Cézanne – The Basket of Apples

Valentin Serov – Portrait of Countess Varvara Musina-Pushkina

Aubrey Beardsley – Venus Between Terminal Gods

Edgar Degas – After the Bath, Woman drying herself

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – Portrait of Oscar Wilde

Juan Luna – Tampuhan

Marianne Stokes – St. Elizabeth of Hungary Spinning for the Poor

Vardges Sureniants – Desecrated Shrine

Winslow Homer – Cannon Rock

Walter Osborne – In a Dublin Park, Light and Shade

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