1930 in Art

Paul Klee – Hat Kopf, Hand, Fuss und Herz
Grant Wood – American Gothic
Charles Sheeler – American Landscape
Grace Cossington Smith – The Bridge in Curve
M. C. Escher – Castrovalva
James Guthrie – Statesmen of World War I
Jeanne Mammen – Free Room
Edward Burra – The Snack Bar
Edward Hopper – Early Sunday Morning
Thomas Cooper Gotch – The Exile: Heavy Is The Price I Paid For Love
Fernand Léger – Mona Lisa with Keys
Mainie Jellett – Four Element Composition
Patrick Henry Bruce – Peinture
Theo van Doesburg – Arithmetic Composition

1929 in Art

Edward Hopper – Chop Suey
Frieda Kahlo – The Bus
Tamara de Lempicka – Autoportrait (Tamara in a Green Bugatti)
Jeanne Mammen – Boring Dolls
Francis Picabia – Hera
Pablo Picasso – Nude in an Armchair
Salvador Dalí – The Great Masturbator
David Bomberg – Toledo from the Alcazar
Georgia O’Keeffe, The Lawrence Tree
Wassily Kandinsky – Upward
René Magritte – The Treachery of Images

1928 in Art

René Magritte – The False Mirror
Edward Hopper – Night Windows
Eugenie McEvoy – Taxi! Taxi!
John French Sloan – Sixth Avenue Elevated at Third Street
John Steuart Curry – Baptism in Kansas
Georgia O’Keeffe – East River from the Shelton Hotel
L. S. Lowry – A Street Scene
M. C. Escher – Tower of Babel
Edwin Dickinson – The Fossil Hunters
Alexej von Jawlensky – Abstract Head
Charles Sims – I Am the Abyss and I Am Light
Joan Miró – Dutch Interior II
Otto Dix – Portrait of the Journalist Sylvia von Harden
Meredith Frampton – Marguerite Kelsey
Frida Kahlo – Dama de Blanco
Gustave Van de Woestijne – Azure
Tarsila do Amaral – Abaporu
René Magritte – The Empty Mask

1927 in Art

Edward Hopper – Automat
Georgia O’Keeffe – Black Abstraction
MaxErnst – Forest and Dove
Joan Miró – Painting (Blue Star)
Salvador Dalí – Apparatus and Hand
Will Longstaff – Menin Gate at Midnight
Edwin Blashfield – Spring Scattering Stars
Paul Klee – Limits of Reason
L. S. Lowry – Coming Out of School
René Magritte – The Menaced Assassin
Henri Matisse – Reclining Nude, Back
Fernand Léger – Nude on a Red Background
Lasar Segall – Portrait of Mário de Andrade

1926 in Art

René Magritte – The Musings of a Solitary Walker

Joan Miró – Dog Barking at the Moon

Alexander Calder – Cirque Calder

Edwin Dickinson – The Cello Player

John Bulloch Souter – The Breakdown

Norman Rockwell – The Love Song

Salvador Dalí – The Basket of Bread

Georges Malkine – Nuit d’Amour

Hannah Höch – Love

Frieda Kahlo – Self-portrait in a Velvet Dress

Max Beckmann – Quappi in Blue

Georgia O’Keeffe – Black Iris

Dod Procter – Morning

1925 in Art

Tamara de Lempicka – Autoportrait (Tamara in a Green Bugatti)

Joan Miró – The Birth of the World

Charles Sheeler – Still Life

Otto Dix – Portrait of the Dancer Anita Berber

Paul Klee – Fish Magic

Wassily Kandinsky – Yellow-Red-Blue

George Adomeit – Down to the Harbor

Lyonel Feininger – Barfüßerkirche in Erfurt I

Arthur Dove – The Critic

George Grosz – Portrait of the Writer Max Herrmann-Neisse

Pierre Bonnard – The Bath

Salvador Dalí – Young Woman at a Window

Hilda Rix Nicholas – Les fleurs dédaignées

Lovis Corinth – Ecce Homo

1924 in art

Kazimir Malevich – Black Circle

Wassily Kandinsky – Contrasting Sounds

Tarsila do Amaral – Estação de Ferro Central do Brasil

Fernand Léger – Elément Mécanique

Joan Miró – The Tilled Field

Sándor Bortnyik – The New Adam

David Jones – The Garden Enclosed

Lovis Corinth – Big self-portrait on the Walchensee

William Orpen – Self Portrait, Multiple Mirrors

Otto Dix – Portrait of the Art Dealer Johanna Ey

Mario Sironi – L’allieva

Edwin Holgate – Portrait of Albert Henry Stewart Gillson

A. Y. Jackson – In Jasper Park

Edward Hopper – New York Pavements

Raymond Wintz – The Blue Door

1923 in Art

Wassily Kandinsky – On White II

Gerrit Rietveld – Red and Blue Chair

Yrjö Ollila – Hearing the Homework

Gustave Van de Woestyne – Gaston en zijn zuster

George Bellows – Dempsey and Firpo

Stanley Spencer – The Betrayal

Max Ernst – Of This Men Shall Know Nothing

Felice Casorati – Meriggio (Noon)

George Grosz – Ecce Homo

Suzanne Valadon – Blue Room

Henri Matisse – Window at Tangier

Marcel Duchamp – The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass)

M. C. Escher – Dolphins

1922 in art

Georgia O’Keeffe – A Storm

Joan Miró – The Farm

L. S. Lowry – A Manufacturing Town

Max Beckmann – The Iron Footbridge

Paul Klee – Twittering Machine

Sophie Taeuber-Arp – Oval Composition with Abstract Motifs

Ángel Zárraga – Girl With Cherry Tart

Max Liebermann – Albert Einstein

Alvar Cawén – Sokea soittoniekka (Blind Musician)

Josip Seissel – Pafama

Charles Sheeler – Pertaining to Yachts and Yachting

Pablo Picasso – Two Women Running on the Beach (The Race)

Maxfield Parrish – Daybreak

1921 in Art

Pablo Picasso – Three Musicians

Fernand Léger – Man and Woman

Pierre Bonnard – The Open Window

Edward Hopper – Girl at Sewing Machine

Dora Carrington – Farm at Watendlath

Willem Jan Pieter van der Does – Maanlicht over de Javaanse rijstvelden

Charles Demuth – Incense of a New Church

Max Ernst – The Elephant Celebes

Guy Pène du Bois – An American Oriental

Pablo Picasso – Reading the Letter

Duncan Grant – Bathers by the Pond

Han van Meegeren – Hertje

Francis Picabia -Optophone I

Sonia Delaunay or Robert Delaunay (or both), 1921-22, published in Der Sturm, Volume 13, Number 3, 5 March 1922

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