Centuries of Sound
Centuries of Sound

At Centuries of Sound I am making mixes for every year of recorded sound. The download here is only the first hour. For the full three-hour version please come to centuriesofsound.com to stream, or patreon.com/centuriesofsound for downloads and a host of other bonus materials for just $5 per month. This show would not be possible without my supporters on there, so please consider signing up or sharing this with someone who may be interested.

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One of the most successful theatrical productions of the 1890s was a touring spectacle called “The South Before The War.” Here is how it was originally advertised.

Those of use who knew the “Souf befo’ the Wah,” as the children of Ham put it, and who know what plantation life really was [like] before our great internecine struggle, and such of us as have not had our opinions colored by the Harriet Beecher Stowe class of literature, but can recall the happy days and pleasant nights spent by the darkies in the cotton fields and cane brakes, will have an opportunity of seeing and living over again those happy times at—theatre by witnessing the inimitable performance given by Whallen and Martell’s big South before the War company.

From our lofty vantage point it’s easy to be appalled by this description. With our 130 years’ worth of hindsight, the debate is no longer about whether this show was right or wrong, but about exactly what mix of self-delusion and cynical self-interest went into it. In truth, the main difference between then and now is that we have learned not to say the quiet part loud. Nostalgia has its claws in us more than ever, from strictly-playlisted hits radio stations, to the obsessive sequeling and rebooting of movies and TV series, to politicians telling us they will make our countries “great again” – a phrase which is itself recycled from recentish history

Nostalgia is, almost by definition, a warm, comfortable thing. Life can be very stressful, and if people want to escape that by diving into a nostalgic pool filled with their best memories, then who can really blame them? It would seem pretty churlish to insist on shocking them out of their reverie with a difficult truth, they are surely in no mood to be lectured. The problem comes when this occasional retreat becomes an addiction, when it spills out of our personal lives into the world in general, and taints the way we see not just the past, but the present.

So far these mixes have concerned years which are generally beyond all living memory, and in 1933 this seems to have shifted profoundly. From a modern vantage point we are now in the lead-up to the Second World War, a time which still looms very large in British culture, and it is becoming difficult to find any kind of popular history which covers the time from any other perspective. In the real USA of 1933, the nostalgia industry is creating itself. These may be the darkest days of the great depression, but they are also the heady heights of the golden age of Hollywood. According to the artefacts I’ve gathered here, this was a nation as addicted to escapism as any other. The style and glamour of films and music this year are so sparklingly positive that at a glance there is no depression, no looming war, but a world in the full bloom of peace and prosperity.

Under the surface, though, there is a certain sadness lurking. This hedonistic escapism leaves open the question of – from what exactly are they escaping? Fred & Ginger’s relationship to music is an all-in, devotional ritual. Tex Ritter sings a tribute to whisky, Bessie Smith prefers a pigfoot and a bottle of beer. Al Bowlly compares his love to a decadent, unhealthy indulgence. For Ethel Waters, her disappointing love-life presents itself as stormy weather to be endured. Everywhere people are jumping head-first into pleasures and obsessions, and it’s left to a handful of country and blues singers to deal with the troubles of the world as it is now. Jimmy Rodgers is in the depths of despair, and Lightnin’ Washington is, literally, a prisoner working on a chain gang in Texas, during the dust bowl.

So here’s a year-long chunk of the past, then, a place which seems dead-set on creating its own nostalgia of the present, with little in the way of soul-searching or truth. It’s basically harmless, but let’s not pretend this is a real picture of how people were feeling in 1933, “how they wanted to feel” will just have to do.

Track list

0:00:30 Maurice Jaubert – If The Kids Are United (Zéro De Conduite)
(Clip from Employees Entrance)
0:01:18 Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra – Toby
0:04:36 Mae West & Cary Grant – Clip from “She Done Him Wrong”
0:05:01 Estrellas Hababeras – Buey Viejo
(Clip from Dinner at Eight)
0:08:20 Art Tatum – Tiger Rag
0:10:33 Lightnin’ Washington – Long John
(Clip from Design For Living)
0:13:21 Ethel Waters – Stormy Weather
0:16:14 Comedian Harmonists – Ohne Dich (Stormy Weather)
(Clip from The Little Rascals – Mush & Milk)
0:17:46 Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire – Music Makes Me
(Clip from 42nd Street)
0:20:02 Casa Loma Orchestra – White Jazz
(Clip from newsreel announcing the end of prohibition)
0:23:27 Tex Ritter – Rye Whiskey, Rye Whiskey
(Clip from Footlight Parade)
0:24:56 Bessie Smith – Gimme A Pigfoot And A Bottle Of Beer
(Clip from Baby Face)
0:28:05 Clarence Ashley & Gwen Foster – Bay Rum Blues Roots
(Clip from Duck Soup)
0:32:18 Groucho Marx & Margaret Dumont – The Laws Of My Administration
(Clip from Burns & Allen Routine)
0:34:04 Billy Cotton – Skirts
(Clip from 42nd Street)
0:36:10 Sol Hoopii’s Novelty Quartette – Hula Girl
0:39:11 Kanui & Lula – Tomi Tomi
0:41:19 Noi Lane – Hawaiian Ripple
0:42:57 Carmen Miranda – Alvorada (Samba)
(Clip from Murders In The Zoo)
0:45:19 Enrique Bryon Y Su Orquesta – Las Maracas De Cuba
0:48:20 Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra – High Society / Dusky Stevedore
(clip from Bombshell)
0:52:02 Ray Noble – It’s Bad For Me (Vocal – Al Bowlly)
(Clip from Dinner at Eight)
0:53:47 Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra – Sophisticated Lady
0:57:21 Art Tatum – Sophisticated Lady
(Clip from Universal Newsreel about Cecil H. Dill doing hand-farts)
0:58:48 Rudi Schneider – Trance-Breathing
0:58:53 Maboudana & Badolo – Chant Dâ´invitation A La Danse
0:59:23 Kurt Engel – Xylophonismus
1:00:38 Miss Columbia – 19 No Haru
1:01:14 Ichimaru – Tenryuu Kudareba
1:03:40 Kouta Katsutaro – Tokyo Ondo
(Clip from Gabriel Over the White House)
1:05:03 Marianne Oswald – Complainte De Kesoubah
(Clip from Gabriel Over the White House)
1:07:10 Hoagy Carmichael – Cosmics
1:07:33 Robert Frost – Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
1:08:28 Georg Kulenkampff – Tambourin Chinois (Kreisler)
(Clip from The Invisible Man)
1:09:59 Fletcher Henderson – King Porter Stomp
(Clip from I’m No Angel)
1:11:53 Benny Goodman & His Orchestra with Billie Holiday – Your Mother’s Son-In-Law
1:13:32 Joe Robechaux – Jig Music
(Clip from Duck Soup)
1:17:15 Henry Hall B.B.C. Dance Orchestra – The Wedding Of Mr. Mickey Mouse
(Clip from Walt Disney’s Three Little Pigs)
1:20:25 Mae Questal & Cab Calloway – You Gotta Hi De Ho
(Clip from Burns & Allen Routine)
1:22:15 Boswell Sisters – Shuffle Off To Buffalo
1:24:19 Bing Crosby – Someone Stole Gabriel’s Horn
(Clip of Fiorello H. La Guardia Attacks Tammany Hall)
1:25:54 James ‘Iron Head’ Baker – Black Betty
1:26:29 Ashley & Foster – The Rising Sun Blues
(Clip of Franklin D. Roosevelt inaugural address)
1:27:44 Big Bill Broonzy – How You Want It Done?
(Clip from Franklin Roosevelt – Fireside Chat #1, On the Banking Crisis)
1:29:50 Salty Dog Sam – Lonesome Road Blues
1:30:47 Josh White – Blood Red River
1:32:40 Fernando Vilches – Flor De Petenera
(Clip of nazis burning books)
1:35:47 Paul Robeson – Swing Low Sweet Chariot
(Clip from Einstein Speech at the Royal Albert Hall London)
1:37:42 Arthur Schnabel – Sonata No 22 In F Major, Op 54 Ii Allegretto
(Clip from Morning Glory)
1:39:25 Ethel Waters – Don’t Blame Me
(Clip from Dinner at Eight)
1:42:41 Al Bowlly Acc. By Orchestra Directed By Carroll Gibbons – Night And Day
1:44:18 Ambrose & His Orchestra – Night And Day
(Clip from Calvacade)
1:45:32 Harry Roy – Bugle Call Rag (Piano Duet – Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye)
1:48:09 Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra – Moten Swing
(Clip from Employees’ Entrance)
1:50:14 The Lone Star Cowboys – Just Because
1:51:28 Prairie Ramblers – Shady Grove
(Clip from The Private Life of Henry VIII)
1:53:02 Ashley & Foster – East Virginia Blues
(Clip from Calvacade)
1:54:53 Jack Kelly & His South Memphis Jug Band – Cold Iron Bed Dark
1:57:57 Rudyard Kipling – France
1:58:16 Guerino Et Son Orchestre Musette & Django Reinhardt – Brise Napolitaine
(Clip from Zéro De Conduite)
2:00:53 Eddie South – Nagasaki
2:02:43 Midge Williams – Lazy Bones
(Clip from The Bitter Tea of General Yen)
2:05:59 The Mills Brothers with Bing Crosby – My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms
(Clip from International House)
2:07:45 Dorsey Brothers – By Heck
(Clip from Duck Soup)
2:11:07 Cab Calloway And His Orchestra – Zah Zuh Zah
2:13:03 Spike Hughes And His Orchestra – How Come You Do Me Like You Do?
2:16:05 Wilmouth Houdini and his Humming Bird – Trinidad Hurricane
2:18:26 Lionel Belasco – The Treasury Fire
(Clip from The Mayor of Hell)
2:20:05 Blind Willie Mctell – Savannah Mama
(Clip from King Kong)
2:21:29 Jimmie Rodgers – Gambling Bar Room Blues
2:23:27 Cliff Carlisle – Mouse’s Ear Blues
(Clip from Burns & Allen Routine)
2:25:06 Carter Family – Gold Watch And Chain
2:26:32 Bradley Kincaid – Dog And Gun (An Old English Ballad)
(Clip from Calvacade)
2:28:52 Joseph Schmidt – Jetzt Spielen Hull Dich In Tand Nur (Pagliacci)
(Clip from The Testament of Dr Mabuse)
2:31:01 Wanda Landowska, Harpsichord – Variation 17
2:32:51 The Three Ginx – On A Steamer Coming Over
(Clip from Employees’ Entrance)
2:34:44 Eddie Condon – Madame Dynamite
2:36:35 Joe Robechaux – Ring Dem Bells
2:38:20 Joe Venuti & His Blue Six – The Jazz Me Blues
2:39:33 Benny Carter Orchestra – Swing It
(Clip from Laurel & Hardy – Sons of the Desert)
2:41:18 Cliff Edwards – It’s Only A Paper Moon
(Clip from Queen Christina)
2:43:22 Marta Eggerth – Ave Maria (Schubert)
(Clip from Employees’ Entrance)


Centuries of Sound
Centuries of Sound

At Centuries of Sound I am making mixes for every year of recorded sound. The download here is only the first hour. For the full three-hour version please come to centuriesofsound.com to stream, or patreon.com/centuriesofsound for downloads and a host of other bonus materials for just $5 per month. This show would not be possible without my supporters on there, so please consider signing up or sharing this with someone who may be interested.

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Half a decade ago the United States was in the midst of an explosion in recorded music on a scale not heard before or since. The inception of that revolution – a change in recording technology allowing studios and record labels to spring up everywhere and anywhere – took a couple of years to filter through. In the same way, the death of that same revolution, the collapse of the recording industry at the start of the great depression and the closure of those studios and labels, also took a couple of years to fully filter through. Now we have arrived at 1932 and it’s all over. The wide variety of roots music, whether labelled country, blues or folk, is no longer being recorded, with the exception of a few of the biggest stars. Likewise, recorded jazz is now the preserve of the biggest bandleaders, or as backing groups for the resurgent movie business.

So why then is this mix one of the longest so far? The answer comes down more to the process of putting the thing together than the qualities of the year itself. With less to choose from in the USA, my attentions shifted to the rest of the world, and it turned out that there was plenty out there.
We start out on our trip in the Caribbean, where Calypso and other forms of music are now being recorded professionally and regularly for the first time, thanks to people like record-shop owner and entrepreneur Eduardo Sa Gomes in Trinidad.

Then we have a few tangos, first of course from South America, but then also from Eastern Europe, where artists like Jean Moscopol were blending this new music with traditional local flavours like klezmer and rembetika.

The UK has a greater representation in this mix than in any since 1907 (or maybe even 1888) – while the economic situation was nearly as bad here as in the USA, a couple of powerful record companies as well as the BBC ensured that music recording was actually experiencing something of a boom. The UK records here – including the marvelously sinister version of “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic” and Noel Coward’s “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” – are easily a match for anything made in the 20s.

All of this also seems to be the case for France, for whom 1932 seems to be a key year on compilations. Next we explore Arabic music, from Tunisia to Iraq, and India, where truly otherworldly traditional musics are being properly recorded for the first time.

It’s always been my intention to show the whole world in these mixes, but this last half-decade the music from the USA has understandably overwhelmed in its quality and variety. Let’s take this brief lull to appreciate that there was a whole world out there, much of it telling stories about the 1930s which are lost in the great narratives of the depression and the buildup to the next war.


0:00:30 The Philadelphia Orchestra, Conducted By Leopold Stokowski – Schoenberg’s Gurre-Lieder (Excerpt)
0:03:34 The Three Keys – Jig Time
William Butler Yeats – Introduction (Excerpt)
0:05:52 Cab Calloway And His Orchestra – Reefer Man
Jewel Robbery (Excerpt)
0:08:50 The Mills Brothers – Old Man Of The Mountain
John Barrymore – Clip from A Bill of Divorcement
0:10:38 Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra – It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)
0:12:28 The Boswell Sisters – It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)
The Most Dangerous Game (Excerpt 1)
0:14:51 Sidney Bechet and his New Orleans Feetwarmers – Shag
Trouble in Paradise (Excerpt)
0:18:10 Lew Stone with Al Bowlly – My Woman
0:21:18 Groucho Marx – I’m Against It
0:24:32 Fred Astaire with The Leo Reisman Orchestra – Night And Day
I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang (Excerpt 1)
0:27:31 Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra – Hobo, You Can’t Ride This Train
0:30:24 Jimmie Rodgers – Hobo’s Meditation
Amelia Earhart Radio Broadcast (Excerpt)
0:32:35 Mike Hanapi & The Ilima Islanders – Hilo Hula
0:34:37 Leona Gabriel – Liva
Scarface (Excerpt 1)
0:37:28 Lionel Belasco and His Orchestra – Depression (Pasillo)
0:38:46 L’orchestre Typique Martiniquais – Eugenie
0:40:44 Orchestre Typique Martiniquais Charlery-Delouche – Ti Roro
0:42:31 Orchestre Creole Delvi – Edamyso
0:45:11 Silvio Caldas – E Ela Não Jurou
The Most Dangerous Game (Excerpt 2)
0:46:16 Las Cuatro Huasas – La Papa Araucana
Tarzan the Ape Man (Excerpt)
0:48:35 Xavier Cugat – Carmen De Cabaret
Intimate Interviews – Bela Lugosi (Excerpt 1)
0:49:51 Jean Moscopol – Mai Spune-Mi Inca-Odata
Intimate Interviews – Bela Lugosi (Excerpt 2)
0:51:37 Aleksandr Vertinskiy – Klassicheskiye Rozy
Intimate Interviews – Bela Lugosi (Excerpt 3)
0:53:40 Carl Theodor Dreyer – Excerpts from “Vampyr”
Intimate Interviews – Bela Lugosi (Excerpt 4)
0:55:50 London Symphony Orchestra With Yehudi Menuhin, Conducted By Edward Elgar – Elgar Violin Concerto (Excerpt)
0:57:26 Ríta Abadzí – At Tsambíkous Teké
0:58:41 Giórgos Michalópoulos – Olympus And Kissavos
0:59:59 Ioannis Chalkias – Minore Tou Teke
1:00:55 William Butler Yeats – The Lake Isle of Innisfree
1:01:50 Arthur Schnabel – Beethoven Sonata No 31 In A Flat Major, Op 110 Moderato Cantabile Molto Espressivo
King George V The first ever Royal Christmas Message (Written by Rudyard Kipling) (Excerpt 1)
1:03:22 Bert Ambrose & His Orchestra – The Clouds Will Soon Roll By
David Lloyd George speech (Excerpt 1)
1:05:15 Henry Hall BBC Dance Orchestra – Teddy Bear’s Picnic
King George V The first ever Royal Christmas Message (Written by Rudyard Kipling) (Excerpt 2)
1:06:54 Noel Coward – Mad Dogs And Englishmen
Hilaire Belloc – Tarantella (Excerpt)
1:08:44 George Formby – Old Kitchen Kettle / I Told My Baby With The Ukulele / Let’s All Go To Reno
1:11:43 Henry Hall BBC Dance Orchestra – Here Comes The Bogey Man
A Farewell To Arms (Excerpt)
1:13:39 Ray Noble And His New Mayfair Orchestra, Vocal Al Bowlly – Love Is The Sweetest Thing
A Bill of Divorcement (Excerpt 1)
1:15:29 Josephine Baker – Ram Pam Pam
Boudu sauvé des eaux (Excerpt)
1:17:05 Damia – La Veuve
1:18:05 Madame Maiotte Almaby Et Orchestre Des Waddy’s Boys – Coeur Moin Dans Piment
1:20:39 Guerino Et Son Orchestre Musette & Django Reinhardt – Gallito
1:22:09 Medard Ferrero – Mazurka Fantasie
1:23:10 Mireille et Jean Sablon – Les Pieds Dans L’eau
1:24:33 Pills et Tabet – C’est Un Jardinier Qui Boîte
1:26:56 Lys Gauty – L’amour Qui Passe
A Bill of Divorcement (Excerpt 2)
1:29:35 Yehudi Menuhin – Paganini Kreisler Caprice No. 24
1:30:04 Cheikha Tetma – Ach Hal Men Ijarra
1:33:01 Musique Citadine De Tlemcen, Algerie – Musaddar
1:35:11 Musique Savante De Bagdad, Irak – Abûdhiyya
1:36:33 Musique Citadine De Tunis, Tunisie – Danse De La Ghayta
1:38:43 William Butler Yeats – The Fiddler of Dooney
1:39:17 Gajananrao Joshi Of Aundh – Violin Instrumental- Bihag
1:41:08 Mr. Musiri Subramania Iyer – Nagumomu Ganaleni (Part 1)
1:43:09 Desamangalam Subramania Iyer – Veena Instrumental- Sankarabharanam Part 1- Ragam
1:44:07 B.S. Krishnamurthi Sastrigal – Gottuvadyam Instrumental- Pullikalabamayeil Kavad I Chinthu
Shanghai Express (Excerpt)
1:48:00 Kouta Katsutaro – Shima No Musume
The Clairvoyant Record (Excerpt)
1:49:54 Joe Sanders – Southology
Herbert Hoover – Nomination Speech (Excerpt)
1:51:20 Mildred Bailey – Georgia On My Mind
Frankin D Roosevelt – Nomination Speech (Excerpt)
1:53:32 Rudy Vallee – Brother Can You Spare A Dime
Frankin D Roosevelt – Campaign Speech (Excerpt)
1:55:54 Paul Robeson – Ol’ Man River (+ Victor Young Orchestra)
Frankin D Roosevelt – Acceptance Speech (Excerpt)
1:59:05 Charlie Kunz Solo Medley – Lovely To Look At, Etc.
The Marx Brothers – Excerpts from Horse Feathers
2:02:33 Roger Wolfe Kahn – Fit As A Fiddle
The Marx Brothers – Excerpts from Horse Feathers
2:06:21 James & Martha Carson – I’ll Fly Away
Island of Lost Souls (Excerpt)
2:08:42 The Carter Family – Little Moses
Freaks (Excerpt)
2:10:43 Cab Calloway And His Orchestra – How Big Can You Get?
Love Me Tonight (Excerpt)
2:15:00 Glen Gray & His Casa Loma Orchestra – Black Jazz
2:17:33 Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra – Lot O’ Fingers (Fast And Furious)
Laurel & Oliver Hardy – Towed in a Hole (Excerpt 1)
2:19:43 Big Bill Broonzy – How You Want It Done?
Laurel & Oliver Hardy – Towed in a Hole (Excerpt 2)
2:22:59 Tommie Bradley – Nobody’s Business If I Do
2:24:35 Ruby Glaze & Hot Shot Willie – Searching The Dessert For The Blues
2:26:30 Pinetop And Lindberg – I Believe I’ll Make A Change
2:29:28 Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell – Gone Mother Blues
Oldest Recording of ABC Radio – 1932 Melbourne Cup (Excerpt 1)
2:31:23 Mississippi Sheiks – New Stop And Listen
Oldest Recording of ABC Radio – 1932 Melbourne Cup (Excerpt 2)
2:33:29 Don Redman & His Orchestra – I Got Rhythm
Red Dust (Excerpts)
2:35:50 Sidney Bechet And His New Orleans Feetwarmers – Maple Leaf Rag
I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang (Excerpt 2)
2:38:57 Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra – Take Me Away From The River
Scarface (Excerpt 2)
2:42:13 Earl Hines & His Orchestra – I Love You Because I Love You
Mae West – Night After Night (Excerpt)
2:45:10 Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra – The New Tiger Rag
If I Had a Million (Excerpt)
2:48:38 The Boswell Sisters – Everybody Loves My Baby
2:50:57 The Mills Brothers with Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra – Diga Diga Doo
2:53:23 The Mills Brothers – Goodbye Blues (Radio Broadcast)
The Old Dark House (Excerpt)
Intimate Interviews – Bela Lugosi (Excerpt 5)
British Pathe – Adolf Hitler’s presidential campaign (Excerpt)
British Pathe – Amidst A Nation’s Rejoicing (Excerpt)
The Mummy (Excerpt)
2:56:40 Joe Venuti – Beale Street Blues (+ Eddie Lang & Vocal – Jack Teagarden)
Grand Hotel (Excerpt)
2:59:55 Noel Coward – The Party’s Over Now / Let’s Say Goodbye
3:01:53 Bing Crosby – Let’s Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep

Elsewhere in 1931

A photo journal of the events of 1931

January 2 – South Dakota native Ernest Lawrence invents the cyclotron, used to accelerate particles to study nuclear physics.
January 30 – The movie City Lights, starring Charlie Chaplin, has its premiere. Albert Einstein attends.
February 3 – Much of the New Zealand cities of Napier and Hastings are destroyed in an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale, killing 256 people.
February 14 – The original film version of Dracula, with Bela Lugosi, is released in the United States.
March 3 – The Star-Spangled Banner is adopted as the United States’ National anthem.
March 5 – The British viceroy of India and Mohandas Gandhi sign the Gandhi–Irwin Pact.
March 23 – Indian revolutionary leaders Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru and Sukhdev Thapar are hanged for conspiracy to murder in the British Raj.
March 31 – An earthquake destroys Managua, Nicaragua, killing 2,000 people.
April 14 – The Second Spanish Republic is proclaimed in Madrid. Meanwhile, as a result of the victory of the Republican Left of Catalonia, Francesc Macià proclaims in Barcelona the Catalan Republic, as a state of the Iberian Federation.
April 15 – The Castellammarese War ends with the murder of Joe ”The Boss” Masseria, briefly leaving Salvatore Maranzano as capo dei capi of the American Mafia.
May 1 – Construction of the Empire State Building is completed in New York City.
June 5 – German Chancellor Dr. Heinrich Brüning visits London, where he warns the British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald that the collapse of the Austrian banking system has left the entire German economy on the brink of disaster.
June 14 – The overloaded pleasure craft Saint-Philibert, carrying trippers home to Nantes from the Île de Noirmoutier, sinks at the mouth of the River Loire in France. Over 450 drown.
June 19 – In an attempt to stop the banking crisis in Central Europe from causing a worldwide financial meltdown, U.S. President Herbert Hoover issues the Hoover Moratorium.
June 23–July 1 – Wiley Post and Harold Gatty accomplish the first round-the-world flight in a single-engine plane, flying eastabout from Roosevelt Field, New York, in 8 days, 15 hours, 51 minutes.
July – John Haven Emerson of Cambridge, Massachusetts perfects his negative pressure ventilator (iron lung), just in time for the growing polio epidemic.
July 9 – Irish racing driver Kaye Don breaks the world water speed record at Lake Garda, Italy.
July 16 – Emperor Haile Selassie signs the first Constitution of Ethiopia.
August 11 – A run on the British pound leads to a political and economic crisis in Britain..
August 24 – The Labour Government of Ramsay MacDonald resigns in Britain, replaced by a National Government of people drawn from all parties, also under MacDonald.
September 10 – The worst hurricane in British Honduras history kills an estimated 1,500.
September 18 – The Japanese military stage the Mukden Incident, an explosion blamed on Chinese dissidents and used as a pretext for the Japanese invasion of Manchuria.
September 20 – With a gun literally pointed to his head, the Chinese commander of Kirin province announces the annexation of that territory to Japan.
October 4 – Dick Tracy, the comic strip detective character created by cartoonist Chester Gould, makes his debut appearance in the Detroit Mirror newspaper.
October 17 – American gangster Al Capone is sentenced to 11 years in prison for tax evasion in Chicago.
October 24 – The George Washington Bridge across the Hudson River in the United States is dedicated; it opens to traffic the following day. At 3,500 feet (1,100 m), it nearly doubles the previous record for the longest main span in the world.
October 27 – The United Kingdom general election results in the victory of the National Government, and the defeat of Labour Party, in the country’s greatest ever electoral landslide.
November 7 – The Chinese Soviet Republic is proclaimed by Mao Zedong.
November 21 – James Whale’s film of Frankenstein is released in New York City.
December 5 – The original Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow is dynamited, by order of Joseph Stalin.

1930 in Art

Paul Klee – Hat Kopf, Hand, Fuss und Herz
Grant Wood – American Gothic
Charles Sheeler – American Landscape
Grace Cossington Smith – The Bridge in Curve
M. C. Escher – Castrovalva
James Guthrie – Statesmen of World War I
Jeanne Mammen – Free Room
Edward Burra – The Snack Bar
Edward Hopper – Early Sunday Morning
Thomas Cooper Gotch – The Exile: Heavy Is The Price I Paid For Love
Fernand Léger – Mona Lisa with Keys
Mainie Jellett – Four Element Composition
Patrick Henry Bruce – Peinture
Theo van Doesburg – Arithmetic Composition


Centuries of Sound
Centuries of Sound

At Centuries of Sound I am making mixes for every year of recorded sound. The download here is only the first 45 minutes. For the full 160-minute version please come to centuriesofsound.com to stream, or patreon.com/centuriesofsound for downloads and a host of other bonus materials for just $5 per month. This show would not be possible without my supporters on there, so please consider signing up or sharing this with someone who may be interested.

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It almost certainly goes without saying that the great depression was difficult time for many people around the world, but in any reshuffling a few unexpected cards will come to the top of the deck. In this darkest year of the period, a few artists were at the apex of their success, and for whatever reason the music and films they made seem to have fixed themselves in the popular consciousness better than anything from the previous few years.

In our just-passed golden age, Cab Calloway hadn’t been doing that well. After a few years of touring around the USA with his more successful band-leader sister Blanche, he’d set himself up in New York with his own group, but following a disastrous debut at the Savoy Ballroom, they split up. Forced to take a job as a singer in the musical Connie’s Hot Chocolates, he found a new band, and by 1930 they were the star attraction at The Cotton Club, and about to release the first million-selling single by an African-American artist.

Minnie The Moocher was not entirely an original piece, in the way that nothing really is. The bulk of it was sourced from a much earlier song called Willie the Weeper, and many of the adaptations had already been made in a 1927 version by Frankie “Half-Pint” Jaxon. Even the sleazy, funky style of Calloway’s band was lifted largely from his sister Blanche, who would also do scat singing not far from the “hi de hi de hi de ho” refrain. But there’s no denying that Cab himself is an electrifying presence, even ninety years later – where Louis Armstrong is warm and welcoming, he’s aggressive, preening and feline in a way we won’t really get again until the birth of rock & roll. The song is pretty shocking too – beneath the flimsiest of euphemistic slang terms it’s a story about cocaine and opium use and open displays of female sexuality, and you have to wonder how many listeners got that – I would wager the answer is “surprisingly many” – though perhaps not Al Bowlly, whose version I probably won’t be including in the 1932 mix.

1931 was a bumper year for this sort of thing in Hollywood too. Though the censorship regimen The Hays Code was officially adopted in 1930, it wouldn’t really be taken seriously until 1934, and it feels like producers were going as far as they could before someone stopped them. High profile movies this year include morally-ambiguous gangster pictures Little Caesar and The Public Enemy, stories about a secretary-turned-prostitute (Safe In Hell), lurid parties (Dance, Fools, Dance) and open mockery of religion (The Miracle Woman.) This was a massive year for horror movies too, with the release of the classic versions of Dracula, Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde and Frankenstein, the latter directed by James Whale, an openly-gay British man whose career would later be derailed by his open conflict with Hitler a few years before the rest of the western world joined in.

Hollywood might have been having a golden age, but the same cannot of course be said about the record business – in fact movie musicals were really the only growth area for musicians this year. While some companies had remained afloat in 1930, further economic shocks from Germany had now done for what was left of their business. Of course important bandleaders were still being recorded, but the expeditions to record across The South had mostly withered and died.

The vital exception to this is the guitar blues coming out of the Mississippi Delta. Skip James from Bentonia, Mississippi and Son House from Lyon, Mississippi both managed to make their way to Grafton, Wisconsin, to record for Paramount Records – the songs they recorded were some of the final echoes of the explosion of 1927, but they resonated more than almost any others, and after 30 years away from the microphone for both performers, their discovery by blues fans in the early 1960s would make them a vital piece in the development of music in the remainder of the century.


0:00:23 Will Rogers – Bacon, Beans, and Limousines (Excerpt 1)
0:00:29 Cab Calloway and His Orchestra – Minnie The Moocher
0:03:36 James Cagney – The Public Enemy Piano Scene (Excerpt 1)
0:03:42 Harlem Footwarmers – Rockin’ in Rhythm
0:06:03 Colin Clive – Frankenstein (Excerpt 1)
0:06:31 The Boswell Sisters – It’s You
0:09:35 The Mills Brothers – Nobody’s Sweetheart Now
0:11:57 Isaac Pitman – Pitman’s Gramophone Course (Excerpt 1)
0:12:03 Jazz-Band Sam Libermann – Sandeman
0:14:26 Will Rogers – Bacon, Beans, and Limousines (Excerpt 2)
0:14:32 Hazekiah Jenkins – The Panic Is On
0:16:54 Will Rogers – Bacon, Beans, and Limousines (Excerpt 3)
0:17:13 Bessie Smith – Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl
0:18:40 Bessie Smith – Safety Mama
0:20:04 James Cagney – The Public Enemy Piano Scene (Excerpt 2)
0:20:10 Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra – Lazy River
0:23:14 Johnny Mack Brown – Berk Jarvis’ Inspirational Speech from The Great Meadow (Excerpt 1)
0:23:23 Skip James – Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues
0:25:22 Johnny Mack Brown – Berk Jarvis’ Inspirational Speech from The Great Meadow (Excerpt 2)
0:25:38 Duke Ellington Orchestra – Creole Rhapsody
0:30:13 Chants Populaires Tahitiens – Chant D´Amour
0:31:03 Sol K. Bright – Tomi Tomi
0:33:08 Ronald Colman – Arrowsmith (Excerpt 1)
0:33:14 Fatma El Chameya Sudaneya – Gawadallah
0:34:30 DJelouwei Wenike Ahlanon – Pantanon
0:34:57 Fredric March – Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Excerpt 1)
0:35:38 Kju Pora – Ke Tre Urat Për Matanë (Across Three Bridges)
0:36:19 Peter Lorre – Kangaroo Court Scene from M
0:36:48 Alexander Mossolov – Zavod, Symphony Of Machines
0:38:09 Colin Clive – Frankenstein (Excerpt 2)
0:38:22 Albert Whelan – My Brother Makes the Noises for the Talkies
0:41:08 Groucho Marx – Monkey Business (Excerpt)
0:41:17 Toña La Negre – El Cacahuatero
0:43:05 Mahatma Gandhi – 1931 Oct 20 – English (Excerpt 1)
0:43:14 Paul Robeson – River Stay Away From My Door
0:44:57 Beans Hambone & El Morrow – Beans
0:46:43 Laurel and Hardy – One Good Turn (Excerpt 1)
0:46:50 Gene Autry – Do Right Daddy Blues
0:48:53 Will Rogers – Bacon, Beans, and Limousines (Excerpt 4)
0:48:59 Willie Brown – Future Blues
0:50:19 James Dunn – Scene from ‘Bad Girl’
0:50:29 Skip James – Cypress Grove Blues
0:52:24 Skip James – Devil Got My Woman
0:54:10 Rev. Emmet Dickenson – Hell and What It Is (Excerpt 1)
0:54:18 Bryant’s Jubilee Quartet – I’ll Be Satisfied
0:55:39 Mahatma Gandhi – 1931 Oct 20 – English (Excerpt 2)
0:55:52 Maddilla Satyamoorthy – Violin Instrumental- Parimala Rangapathey (Kambhoji)
0:57:04 Mahatma Gandhi – 1931 Oct 20 – English (Excerpt 3)
0:57:09 Jimmie Rodgers & The Carter Family – Jimmie Rodgers Visits The Carter Family
1:00:23 Jimmie Rodgers – Mississippi River Blues
1:01:49 Ramsay Macdonald – Speaks To The Nation (Excerpt 1)
1:01:54 Leroy Carr – Papa’s On The House Top
1:03:22 David Lloyd George – Speaks To The Nation (Excerpt 1)
1:03:24 The Baltimore Bell Hops – Hot And Anxious
1:04:21 Don Redman – Shakin’ The African
1:06:58 Claudette Colbert – The Smiling Lieutenant (Excerpt)
1:07:09 Mississippi Sheiks – Bed Spring Poker
1:08:51 Will Rogers – Bacon, Beans, and Limousines (Excerpt 5)
1:09:09 Slim Smith – Bread Line Blues
1:12:22 Arthur Henderson MP – General Election 1931
1:12:36 Al Bowlly accompanied by orchestra – I’d Rather Be A Beggar With You
1:14:23 Norma Shearer & Robert Montgomery – Private Lives (Excerpt)
1:14:29 Cab Calloway and His Orchestra – Kicking The Gong Around
1:16:57 James Cagney – The Public Enemy Piano Scene (Excerpt 3)
1:16:59 Noble Sissle and His Orchestra – The Basement Blues
1:20:11 Bela Lugosi – Scene from Dracula (Excerpt 1)
1:20:14 Seger Ellis – Montana Call
1:23:31 Jean Renoir – La Chienne (Excerpt)
1:23:42 Les Freres Péguri – Enivrante
1:25:00 René Clair – À nous la liberté
1:25:12 Uncredited Pinpeat Ensemble – Teb Bantom (Cambodia)
1:26:01 Pierre Laval – Speech About His Forthcoming German Visit
1:26:10 Fujiyama Ichiro – Sake ha Namida ka Tameike ka
1:27:40 FT Marinetti – Sintesi Musicali Futuriste
1:28:14 D. Busuttil u il Cumpanija Musica V.Ciappara – Festa ta Rahal
1:29:11 Carlo Satariano – Maddalena
1:29:25 Adolfo Carabelli Y Su Orquesta Tipica – Me Vuelves Loco
1:31:08 Fredric March – Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Excerpt 2)
1:31:15 Washboard Rhythm Kings – Call Of The Freaks
1:33:59 Wallace Beery – The Champ 1931 (Ending scene) (Excerpt 1)
1:34:15 Ted Lewis and his Band – Dallas Blues
1:36:34 Glen Gray and his Orchestra – Casa Loma Stomp
1:39:25 Albert Whelan – Pass! Shoot!! Goal!!!
1:41:31 The Mills Brothers – Tiger Rag
1:43:23 Laurel and Hardy – One Good Turn (Excerpt 2)
1:43:35 Bing Crosby And The Mills Brothers – Dinah
1:45:11 Ronald Colman – Arrowsmith (Excerpt 2)
1:45:20 Wilmoth Houdini – I Need a Man
1:47:34 Edward, Price of Wales (future King Edward VIII) – Speech on trade with Argentine
1:47:40 Cuarteto Flores – Cecilia
1:49:40 Ramsay MacDonald – General Election 1931
1:49:55 Julio J. Martínez Oyanguren – Jota
1:52:27 Adolphe Menjou – The Front Page Ending scene (Excerpt 1)
1:52:32 G.Cefai – Imhabba fuk il bahar
1:54:24 Rev. Emmet Dickenson – Hell and What It Is (Excerpt 2)
1:54:46 Sam Collins – Lonesome Road Blues
1:55:58 Wallace Beery – The Champ 1931 (Ending scene) (Excerpt 2)
1:56:06 Sexteto Okeh – Estrella De Oriente
1:57:35 James Cagney – The Public Enemy Piano Scene (Excerpt 4)
1:57:41 Clyde McCoy & His Orchestra – Sugar Blues
2:00:32 Marlene Dietrich – Jonny
2:01:41 Comedian Harmonists – Mein Lieber Schatz Bist Du Aus Spanien
2:04:25 Ambrose And His Orchestra – Yes, Yes (‘My Baby Said Yes’)
2:05:30 James Cagney – The Public Enemy Piano Scene (Excerpt 5)
2:05:35 Jacques Renard & His Orchestra – As Time Goes By
2:07:01 Isaac Pitman – Pitman’s Gramophone Course (Excerpt 2)
2:07:18 Akropong Singing Band – Monyi Moho Adi
2:08:29 Marguerite and Razanatsoa – Dia Veloma I Said Omar
2:10:21 Rev. F. W. McGee – Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room
2:13:00 Silver Leaf Quartette of Norfolk – Daniel Saw the Stone
2:14:22 Rev. Emmet Dickenson – Hell and What It Is (Excerpt 3)
2:14:37 Willie Walker – Dupree Blues
2:16:21 Son House – My Black Mama – Part I
2:18:11 Ramsay Macdonald – Speaks To The Nation (Excerpt 2)
2:18:18 A. Kostis – I Filaki ine Scholio
2:19:21 Bela Lugosi and A Wolf – Scene from Dracula (Excerpt 2)
2:19:38 Josef Pizio – Pidkamecka Kolomyjka
2:20:15 Adolphe Menjou – The Front Page Ending scene (Excerpt 2)
2:20:29 Middle Georgia Singing Convention No. 1 – Bells of Love
2:21:48 Boswell Sisters – Shout, Sister, Shout
2:22:48 Clark Gable – Possessed (Excerpt)
2:22:49 Sato Chiyako – Kage o Shitaete
2:23:44 Winston Churchill – General Election 1931 (Excerpt)
2:23:51 Kyle Wooten – Choking Blues
2:25:37 Ted Lewis & His Band feat. Fats Waller – Royal Garden Blues
2:28:32 Mahatma Gandhi – 1931 Oct 20 – English (Excerpt 4)
2:28:46 Louis Armstrong – Stardust
2:32:18 The Charleston Chasers – Basin Street Blues
2:34:43 British Pathe – The Crisis! (1931)
2:34:46 Adolphe Menjou – The Front Page Ending scene (Excerpt 3)
2:34:48 Al Bowlly with Ray Noble & His Orchestra – Goodnight Sweetheart

Elsewhere in 1930

February 10 – The Việt Nam Quốc Dân Đảng launch the Yên Bái mutiny in the hope of ending French colonial rule in Vietnam.
February 18 – While studying photographs taken in January, Clyde Tombaugh confirms the existence of Pluto
March 5 – Danish painter Einar Wegener begins sex reassignment surgery in Germany, and takes the name Lili Elbe.
March 6 – The first frozen foods of Clarence Birdseye go on sale in Springfield, Massachusetts.
March 12 – Mahatma Gandhi sets off on a 200-mile protest march towards the sea with 78 followers, to protest the British monopoly on salt
March 29 – Heinrich Brüning is appointed Chancellor of Germany
March 31 – The Motion Picture Production Code (Hays Code) is instituted in the United States, imposing strict guidelines on the treatment of sex, crime, religion and violence in films for the next 40 years.
April 5 – Mahatma Gandhi breaks the Salt laws of British India, by making salt by the sea at the end of the Salt March
April 6 – Hostess Twinkies are invented.
April 18 – The Chittagong Rebellion begins in India, with the Chittagong armoury raid.
April 21 – A fire in the Ohio Penitentiary in Columbus kills 320 people.
May 6 – The Salmas earthquake shakes northwestern Iran and southeastern Turkey, up to 3,000 people are killed.
May 15 – Nurse Ellen Church becomes the world’s first flight attendant, working on a Boeing Air Transport trimotor.
May 17 – French Prime Minister André Tardieu decides to withdraw the remaining French troops from the Rhineland.
May 24 – Amy Johnson lands in Darwin, Australia, becoming the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia
July 13 – The first FIFA World Cup starts – Lucien Laurent scores the first goal, for France against Mexico.
July 28 – R. B. Bennett defeats William Lyon Mackenzie King in federal elections, and becomes the Prime Minister of Canada.
July 30 – Uruguay beats Argentina 4–2, to win the first Association football FIFA World Cup final at Estadio Centenario, in Montevideo.
August 6 – Judge Joseph Force Crater disappears in New York City.
August 7 – Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith are lynched in Marion, Indiana – the photograph of this event will inspire the song Strange Fruit
August 9 – Cartoon character Betty Boop appears for the first time on screen, in the animated film Dizzy Dishes.
September 3 – A huge hurricane in the Caribbean demolishes most of the city of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.
September 6 – José Félix Uriburu carries out a military coup, overthrowing Hipólito Yrigoyen, President of Argentina.
September 8 – Scotch Tape, invented by Richard Gurley Drew, is sold by the 3M company in the United States for the first time.
September 17 – The Kurdish Ararat rebellion is suppressed by the Turks.
October 5 – British airship R101 crashes in France en route to India, on its maiden long-range flight, resulting in the loss of 48 lives.
November 3 – Getúlio Vargas becomes president of Brazil.
December 2 – President Herbert Hoover goes before the United States Congress to ask for a $150 million public works program, to help create jobs and to stimulate the American economy.
December 19 – Mount Merapi volcano in central Java, Indonesia, erupts, destroying numerous villages and killing 1,300 people.
December 29 – Sir Muhammad Iqbal’s presidential address in Allahabad introduces the two-nation theory, outlining a vision for the creation of Pakistan.


Centuries of Sound
Centuries of Sound

At Centuries of Sound I am making mixes for every year of recorded sound. The download here is a cut-down 60 minute mix, for the full 180-minute version please come to centuriesofsound.com to stream, or patreon.com/centuriesofsound for downloads and a host of other bonus materials for just $5 per month.

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The crash has happened, then, the music industry has gone down with the Dow, and there’s no sign of anyone reviving it. I therefore approached this year with low expectations. Perhaps we would have music of the standard of say 1925, just with higher production standards. I was wrong.

1925 is still a good year to look to though, these two mixes are linked by a common thread; Russian documentary film-maker Dziga Vertov. As the cut-up sound collages he made in 1925 influenced the jagged sound of that year’s mix, so a series of samples from his documentary “Enthusiasm” – along with pieces from Walter Ruttman’s pioneering audio montage “Wochenende” – form the backbone of this also fairly harsh / jagged mix.

This time, however, the explosion in sound film has given me a lot more in terms of audio samples to cut up and push together. By “a lot more” I mean that the diverse qualities and sheer volume of source material which has gone into this mix made it feel like a huge project on its own. I feel like I’ve just lived through 1930. It was a fascinating time, this might well be the best mix I’ve made, but I also feel exhausted and emotionally drained by the experience. I am confident that this feeling doesn’t come through in the mix, by the way.

Normally here I would write a longer blurb, but this time, well, sorry, that’s it, but here’s the music, go listen to it.


0:00:21 MGM Studios – Lion’s Roar
0:00:27 Groucho Marx – Animal Crackers (Excerpt 1)
0:00:29 Dziga Vertov – Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony (Excerpt 1)
0:00:37 Walter Ruttmann – Wochende (Excerpt 1)
0:00:50 Louis Armstrong – Dear Old Southland
0:04:05 James Sibley Watson – Tomatos Another Day (Excerpt 1)
0:04:08 Walter Ruttmann – Wochende (Excerpt 2)
0:04:25 Jonuzi Me Shoket – Vome Kaba
0:05:23 M. Nguyen Van Minh-Con – Nam Nhi-Tu
0:06:09 Dziga Vertov – Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony (Excerpt 2)
0:06:24 Irving Mills Hotsy Totsy Gang – Deep Harlem
0:08:04 Walter Ruttmann – Wochende (Excerpt 3)
0:08:16 George Bernard Shaw – New Talk To Movietone (Excerpt 1)
0:08:34 Big Bill Broonzy – Hip Shakin’ Strut
0:11:29 Groucho Marx and Margaret Dumont – Animal Crackers (Excerpt 2)
0:11:45 Barbecue Joe and his Hot Dogs – Tar Paper Stomp (Wingy’s Stomp)
0:13:30 Jean Harlow – Hells Angels (Excerpt 1)
0:13:46 Lucille Bogan – They Ain’t Walking No More
0:15:45 James Sibley Watson – Tomatos Another Day (Excerpt 2)
0:16:02 Dziga Vertov – Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony (Excerpt 3)
0:16:06 Cyganska Orchestra Stefana – Cyganske Vesilia, Pt. 4
0:17:23 Walter Ruttmann – Wochende (Excerpt 4)
0:17:46 Lotte Lenya – Alabama Song
0:19:10 Marlene Dietrich – Blue Angel Screentest (Excerpt 1)
0:19:15 Walter Ruttmann – Wochende (Excerpt 5)
0:19:30 Marlene Dietrich – Falling In Love Again
0:21:03 Marlene Dietrich – Ich Bin Von Kopf Biss Fuss
0:22:29 Marlene Dietrich – Blue Angel Screentest (Excerpt 2)
0:22:31 Walter Ruttmann – Wochende (Excerpt 6)
0:22:54 Louis Davids – Kleine Man (soundtrack)
0:23:48 Albert Einstein – Einstein Speaks (1930 Movietone Moment)
0:23:58 Comedian Harmonists – Wochenend Und Sonnenschein
0:25:06 Walter Ruttmann – Wochende (Excerpt 7)
0:25:15 Lotte Lenya – Denn wie man sich bettet, so liegt man
0:27:17 Walter Ruttmann – Wochende (Excerpt 8)
0:27:31 Joe Venuti – Wild Dog
0:28:55 British Pathe – The Greatest Road Race Ever! (Excerpt 1)
0:29:00 Casa Loma Orchestra – San Sue S
0:30:57 British Pathe – Giant British Air Liner (Excerpt 1)
0:31:06 Fletcher Henderson – Chinatown My Chinatown
0:32:59 Unknown Performers – Unknown (Cantonese)
0:33:08 Nai Po & Thai Royal Page Military Brass Band – Pleng Khrawp Chakara Wan Thao Tawn Abu Hassan Taeng Ngan
0:34:42 Mr. Muean & Ms. Aet, The Sak Som Peo Ensemble – Srey Sroh Mien Thrung
0:36:00 Dziga Vertov – Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony (Excerpt 4)
0:36:17 Jimmie Davis – Doggone That Train
0:37:42 British Pathe – Giant British Air Liner (Excerpt 2)
0:37:56 Jimmie Rodgers – Hobo Bill’s Last Ride
0:40:27 Dziga Vertov – Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony (Excerpt 5)
0:40:35 Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers – Money Never Runs Out
0:42:13 Edward G. Robinson – Little Caesar (Excerpt 1)
0:42:23 Cab Calloway and His Orchestra – The Viper’s Drag
0:45:42 Greta Garbo – Anna Christie (Excerpt 1)
0:45:56 The Jungle Band – Tiger Rag (Part II)
0:47:23 Groucho Marx – Animal Crackers (Excerpt 3)
0:47:25 Dziga Vertov – Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony (Excerpt 6)
0:47:29 Askari Wa K.A.R. Ya Sita (6th K.A.R.) – Kofia Nyekundu
0:49:24 Mbaruk Talsam – Comic Sketch
0:50:21 Richard Ábé Brown Band – Bārā Sānābo Bārā
0:51:35 John Gilbert – Speech in front of the court in Redemption (Excerpt 1)
0:51:42 Caluza’s Double Quartet – Imini Ifikile
0:52:47 Blind Willie Johnson – John The Revelator
0:54:31 Rev. D.C. Rice – We Got the Same Kinda Power Over Here
0:56:31 Elder Curry – Memphis Flu
0:58:31 Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers – Thou Carest Lord, For Me
0:59:16 James A Fitzpatrick – Movie Horoscope (Excerpt 1)
0:59:25 Jack Hylton – Great Day
1:00:45 Santa Claus – Meets Calvin Coolidge
1:00:57 Paul Whiteman – Ragamuffin’ Romeo
1:02:39 Elinor Glyn – Explains IT! (Excerpt 1)
1:02:57 Ethel Waters – Three Little Words
1:05:51 Anne Sullivan – Newsreel Footage
1:06:01 Jack Payne BBC Dance Orchestra – My Baby Just Cares For Me
1:07:17 Jack Payne BBC Dance Orchestra – Will Anybody Here Have A Drink?
1:08:55 Grigoraș Dinicu – Ca Pe Luncă
1:11:29 Greta Garbo – Anna Christie (Excerpt 2)
1:11:32 Walter Ruttmann – Wochende (Excerpt 9)
1:11:53 Josephine Baker – J’ Ai Deux Amours
1:13:26 Lucienne Boyer – Dans La Fumée
1:15:26 British Pathe – Great Danes (Excerpt 1)
1:15:47 Maurice Chevalier – Livin’ In The Sunlight
1:17:54 Georgius – Je suis blasé
1:19:33 Pola Illéry & Albert Préjean – Sous les toits de Paris
1:19:45 Ruth Etting – Ten Cents A Dance
1:21:57 James Sibley Watson – Tomatos Another Day (Excerpt 3)
1:22:14 Boswell Sisters – That’s What I Like About You
1:24:13 Charles Farrell – Love Scene from Liliom (Excerpt 1)
1:24:24 Luis Russell & His Orchestra – Panama
1:27:40 Laurel & Hardy – Scene from The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case (Excerpt 1)
1:27:47 Ben Tobier And His California Cyclones – Hot And Heavy
1:30:15 President Cosgrave – British Pathe Newsreel (Excerpt 1)
1:30:29 Fred Astaire – Puttin On The Ritz
1:32:02 British Pathe & Albert Einstein – Relatively Speaking … He’s Delighted!
1:32:13 Ben Selvin – Happy Days Are Here Again
1:34:06 Robert Montgomerie – The Big House (Excerpt)
1:34:10 Memphis Jug Band – Cocaine Habit Blues
1:36:56 Reichsprassident Von Hindenburg – Am Rhein! Aka Reichsprafident (Excerpt 1)
1:37:07 Chuck Darling – Blowing Blues
1:37:54 Dilly and his Dill Pickles – Pickin’ Off Peanuts
1:39:21 Emmett Miller – Sam’s New Job (Excerpt)
1:39:37 Yank Rachel With Sleepy John Estes & Jab Jones – Sweet Mama
1:41:12 Greta Garbo – Anna Christie (Excerpt 3)
1:41:15 Mississippi Bracey – You Scolded Me And Drove Me
1:42:59 British Pathe – The Fastest Game In The World
1:43:09 Roy Harvey & Jess Johnson – Jefferson Street Rag
1:45:18 Calvin Coolidge – Meets Santa Claus
1:45:28 Lil McClintock – Don’t Think I’m Santa Claus
1:46:32 Walter Ruttmann – Wochende (Excerpt 10)
1:46:47 Son House – My Black Mama, Pt. 1 & 2
1:48:41 Willie Walker – South Carolina Rag
1:50:56 Dziga Vertov – Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony (Excerpt 6)
1:51:25 Walter Page – Blue Devil Blues
1:54:07 Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan – 1930 Newsreel Footage (Excerpt 2)
1:54:35 Carmen Miranda – Deixa Disso
1:55:35 James A Fitzpatrick – Movie Horoscope (Excerpt 2)
1:55:44 Orquesta Tipica Porteña – Esponjita
1:56:50 British Pathe – Soccer Again
1:56:57 California Rambers – The Peanut Vendor
1:59:24 British Pathe – Great Danes (Excerpt 2)
1:59:30 Joe Venuti’s Blue Four – Raggin’ The Scale
2:00:40 George Bernard Shaw – New Talk To Movietone (Excerpt 2)
2:00:57 Fritz Kreisler – Liebesleid (Kreisler) (Love’s Sorrow)
2:02:07 Walter Ruttmann – Wochende (Excerpt 11)
2:02:37 Llaqi Me Llautte – Havazi I Dy Motrave
2:03:20 Norma Shearer & Chester Morris – The Divorcee (Excerpt 1)
2:03:54 Madame Hafize & Selim – Sta Triya (Treshe (In Three) Dance)
2:04:21 Dziga Vertov – Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony (Excerpt 7)
2:04:39 James Sibley Watson – Tomatos Another Day (Excerpt 4)
2:04:53 King Oliver – Mule Face Blues
2:07:46 Groucho Marx and Margaret Dumont – Animal Crackers (Excerpt 4)
2:08:06 Bix Beiderbecke Orchestra – I’ll Be A Friend With Pleasure
2:09:39 Red Nichols & His Five Pennies – Bug-A-Boo
2:12:47 British Pathe – The Greatest Road Race Ever! (Excerpt 2)
2:12:53 Louis Armstrong – St. Louis Blues
2:13:56 Cab Calloway – St. Louis Blues
2:16:03 Charles Farrell – Love Scene from Liliom (Excerpt 2)
2:16:04 Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra – Get Happy
2:18:28 Groucho Marx – Animal Crackers (Excerpt 5)
2:18:33 James P Johnson – Jingles
2:20:30 Jack Payne BBC Dance Orchestra – Any Rags Bottles Or Bones
2:21:02 A.A. Gray & Seven Foot Dilly – Streak of Lean, Streak of Fat
2:22:14 Greta Garbo – Anna Christie (Excerpt 4)
2:22:17 Jimmie Rodgers – Those Gambler’s Blues
2:24:58 John Gilbert – Speech in front of the court in Redemption (Excerpt 2)
2:25:09 Geeshie Wiley – Last Kind Words Blues
2:26:23 Edward G. Robinson – Little Caesar (Excerpt 2)
2:26:31 Giftiddle Jim – Paddlin’ Blues
2:29:43 Laurel & Hardy – Scene from The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case (Excerpt 2)
2:29:51 Charley Patton – High Water Everywhere (part 1)
2:31:41 Walter Ruttmann – Wochende (Excerpt 12)
2:32:05 Delta Big Four – We All Gonna Face The Rising Sun
2:33:03 Dziga Vertov – Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony (Excerpt 8)
2:33:11 Cheikha Tetma – Guenene Tini
2:33:28 Urbano A. Zafra & Mauro Baradi – Danza Filipina
2:35:02 Elinor Glyn – Explains IT! (Excerpt 2)
2:35:12 Sak Som Peo Ensemble – Phleng Boran
2:37:02 James Sibley Watson – Tomatos Another Day (Excerpt 5)
2:37:15 Los Jardineros – Conversacion
2:38:24 George Bernard Shaw – New Talk To Movietone (Excerpt 3)
2:38:32 António Landeiro – Variações Sobre o Fado Corrido Em Ré Maior
2:39:50 Jean Harlow – Hells Angels (Excerpt 2)
2:39:55 Fred Rich – I Got Rhythm (vocal Smith Ballew)
2:42:21 Charles Farrell – Love Scene from Liliom (Excerpt 3)
2:42:33 The Jungle Band – Mood Indigo
2:44:46 Reichsprassident Von Hindenburg – Am Rhein! Aka Reichsprafident (Excerpt 2)
2:44:50 Barbecue Joe and his Hot Dogs – Tin Roof Blues
2:45:36 Missourians – Swingin’ Dem Cats
2:47:00 Bennie Moten – Bouncin’ Round
2:48:15 President Cosgrave – British Pathe Newsreel (Excerpt 2)
2:48:20 Joe Venuti – I’ve Found A New Baby
2:51:14 James Sibley Watson – Tomatos Another Day (Excerpt 6)
2:51:28 Willie Brown – Future Blues
2:52:58 Bayless Rose – Jamestown Exhibition
2:54:45 Groucho & Zeppo Marx – Animal Crackers (Excerpt 6)
2:54:50 The Deauville Syncopators – Cheerful Little Earful
2:56:36 Elinor Glyn – Explains IT! (Excerpt 3)
2:56:55 Helen Kane – How Are You?
2:57:41 Newsreel – Hells Angels Premiere
2:58:00 Dziga Vertov – Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony (Excerpt 9)
2:58:14 Julius Meytuss – Dnieprostroi, The Dnieper Hydro-electric Power Station
2:59:17 Walter Ruttmann – Wochende (Excerpt 13)
2:59:36 Leopold Stokowski and The Philadelphia Orchestra – 1812 Overture Op. 49
3:00:39 George Bernard Shaw – New Talk To Movietone (Excerpt 4)
3:00:57 Ben Bernie – Au Revoir Pleasant Dreams
3:02:30 Lewis Milestone – All Quiet on the Western Front (Excerpt)

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