Centuries of Sound on Cambridge 105 Radio – Episode 40 (1931)

Time: 6pm BST, Sunday 28th November
Place: Cambridge 105 Radio

James Errington presents an archaeological investigation into the year 1930. Wall Street has crashed, the great depression has arrived, record James Errington takes you on a journey to 1931, a year of sleazy pre-code speakeasy jazz, guitar blues from the Mississippi Delta, relentlessly inventive vocal groups, perhaps the first ever football song, and much more!

You can listen to the show on 105fm in Cambridge, on DAB digital across Cambridgeshire, on the Cambridge 105 website here, or on any good radio apps, or play the whole extended version on this mixcloud player.

1939 Preview – War

At Centuries of Sound I am making mixes for every year of recorded sound. This is one of the four hours in the full version of Centuries of Sound 1939
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An hour-long soundscape of the first five months of the second world war.

Radio Podcast #15 – 1907

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Audio historian DJ James Errington takes you on another time travel adventure, this time to hear some original sounds from 1907, including some wonderful stuff from Enrico Caruso, a few original vaudeville routines and some very premature Christmas cheer.

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