Centuries of Sound on Cambridge 105 Radio – Episode 37 (1929)

Time: 6pm BST, Sunday 22nd August 2021
Place: Cambridge 105 Radio

Another trip into history with James Errington. This time we’re in 1929, when the roaring twenties comes crashing to a halt. Aside from American jazz, blues, country and vaudeville, we have recordings from Cuba, Portugal, Tunisia, Japan, India and even a couple from the UK, all in an end of term party for a decade and an era.

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The CoS Tapes #6 – Brass Peacocks 1897-1906

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John Philip Sousa’s world was a regimented one, as befitted a military band man, but when he left trombonist Arthur Pryor alone to record some “tinned music” he inadvertently created one of the most extravagant moments in turn-of-the-century music. Soon brass soloists of all varieties were competing to fill two minutes of wax with the most excessive collection of flourishes and sfx they could muster. By the late 1900s they had all apparently calmed down – but for a decade at least the peacocks were producing some of the most exciting music ever recorded.

01 – Bohumir Kryl – Arbucklenian Polka (1903)
02 – Arthur Pryor with Sousa’s Band – The Patriot (1901)
03 – Herbert L. Clarke And John Hazel – The Friendly Rivals (1905)
04 – Bohumir Kryl – Carnival Of Venice (1902)
05 – Sousa’s Band – Trombone Sneeze (1902)
06 – Bohumir Kryl – Sweet Sixteen Waltz (1904)
07 – Leo A. Zimmerman & The Edison Concert Band – Leona Polka (1903)
08 – Columbia Orchestra – Sea Flower Polka (1897)
09 – Bohumir Kryl – King Carnival (1905)
10 – John Hazel & The Edison Military Band – Secret Polka (1903)
11 – Bohumir Kryl – Russian Fantasia (with Variations) (1902)
12 – John Hazel, Frank R. Seltzer And The Edison Military Band – Two Of Us (1904)
13 – Bohumir Kryl – Sing, Smile, Slumber (1906)
14 – Albert Bode & Columbia Band – Seashell Waltz (1903)
15 – Bohumir Kryl – National Fantasia (1903)
16 – Bohumir Kryl – Kryl’s Favorite (1904)
17 – John C Martin – Arbucklenian Polka (1901)
18 – Sousa’s Band with Arthur Pryor – Love Thoughts Waltz (1898)

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