Centuries of Sound on Cambridge 105 Radio – Episode 34 (1926)

Time: 6pm BST, Sunday 25th April 2021
Place: Cambridge 105 Radio

Audio archaeologist James Errington is joined by Cambridge 105’s Pete Butchers to excavate the sounds of 1926, the year jazz exploded and country roots music started to sizzle. Join us for the hits and the hidden gems of this wonderful year.

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But actually you can’t do any of those things as the show has already finished – no worries though, here is an extended version on Mixcloud.

Radio Podcast #10 – 1902

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James Errington takes you on another trip into the history of sound recording. This time we’re visiting the year 1902, and will be hearing insanely catchy tin pan alley tunes from the Edwardian Elvis, virtuoso instrumental showpieces, sublime sopranos and a terrifying scene from The Hound Of The Baskervilles.

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Away with dull care, the day is set fair,
A wireless set near, to bring us good cheer
Olden days had different ways,
Their pleasures then were fewer;
Modern days will get my praise,
Our wireless ways are newer.
A sterling time, a whirling time,
A record time, or Father Time,
The daily times that Big Ben chimes
Are radio times.

Once upon a time they played that
But that was long ago
Then they started singin’ that
But they got tired of that, you know
Now here’s a little tune that’s goin’ ’round
You can hear it all over town
They’re singin’.

Hear this fat boy blowing his horn?
He’s been a bug since the day he was born
His favorite jittersauce is rye
We’ll drink it till the day he dies
Toot your whistle and ring your bell
Ol butchy wutchy time or tell
Dont you worry you just mug
You’ll always be a jitterbug.

I went down to the landing
To see if any boats were there
And the fareman told me
Could not find the boats nowhere
The big boat ease up the river
Are turnin’ ’round an ’round
Lord, I’m ‘on get me a good girl
Or jump overboard an drown

And you’ll find while you’re dancing
That there’s a rhythm in your heart and soul
A certain rhythm that you can’t control
And you will do the continental all the time
Beautiful music, dangerous rhythm
Beautiful music, dangerous rhythm.


0:00:00 Percussion Ensemble Cond. By Nicolas Slonimsky – Ionisation
0:00:22 Malinke Musicans, Mali – War Song, Harp with Drums
0:01:15 Sukru Tunar – Huzzam Taksim
0:02:04 Dorothy Melton – I Want Jesus To Walk With Me
0:03:22 Sergei Rachmaninoff – Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini
(Excerpt from WABC Twenty Crowded Years A Radio Review of the Years 1914-1934)
0:05:37 Hot Club De France – Tiger Rag
(Excerpt from Pathe Review of 1934)
0:08:19 Henry Hall BBC Dance Orchestra (Vocal – Dan Donovan) – Radio Times
(Excerpt from It Happened One Night)
0:10:27 Sexteto Pellin – A Goya Le Dio La Gripe
(Excerpt from Viva Villa!)
0:13:11 Trio Armonico – Ausencia
(Excerpt from Viva Villa!)
0:16:25 Big Bill Broonzy – Mississippi River Blues
(Excerpt from commentary on Yankees vs Tigers at Navin Field)
0:18:52 Duke Ellington And His Orchestra – Solitude
(Excerpt from Pathe Review of 1934)
0:22:10 The Delmore Brothers – Brown’s Ferry Blues
(Excerpt from Pathe Review of 1934)
0:24:59 Lucille Bogan – Shave ’em Dry
(Excerpt from Tarzan and His Mate)
0:26:44 Jimmy Durante – Inka Dinka Doo
(Excerpt from Alpha the Robot)
0:30:01 Blanche Calloway – Growlin’ Dan
0:32:46 Cab Calloway And His Orchestra – Jitter Bug
0:35:05 Chick Webb & His Orchestra – What A Shuffle
0:37:55 Gertrude Stein- If I Had Told Him; A Completed Portrait of Picasso
0:39:09 Arthur Schnabel – Sonata No 21 In C Major, Op 53 ‘waldstein’ I Allegro Con Brio
0:40:47 Robert Frost – Birches
0:43:47 Avro Kinderkoor Jacob Hamel – Kleppermarsch
(Excerpt from Pathe Review of 1934)
0:45:19 Billy Merrin’s Commanders – We’ll Make Hay While The Sun Shines (Vocal – Sam Browne)
0:47:23 Jack Buchanan and Geraldo – Brewster’s Millions Medley
(Excerpt from Colorful Ports of Call)
0:49:44 Django Reinhardt – Dinah
(Excerpt from Discours De Gaston Doumergue)
0:52:23 Maurice Jaubert – Underwater Dance from L’atalante
(Excerpt from Leopold III Roi Des Belges Prete Serment)
0:53:50 Hot Club De France – I Saw Stars
(Excerpt from Colorful Ports of Call)
0:54:52 Tuareg Musicans, Mali – Marriage Song
0:55:14 Bambara Kora Musican, Mali – Song for Chief
(Excerpt from Pathe Review of 1934)
0:56:34 The Lion – Wanga
0:58:08 Wilmoth Houdini – Blow Wind Blow
(Excerpt from Kid Millions)
1:00:25 Bert Ambrose – Let’s Make Love
(Excerpt from Of Human Bondage)
1:02:09 Carroll Gibbons – Let’s Fall In Love
(Excerpt from Of Human Bondage)
1:05:46 Márkos Vamvakáris – Koroido
(Excerpt from H. H. The Aga Khan)
1:08:26 Stellakis Papazoglou – I Lachanades
(Excerpt from Pathe Review of 1934)
1:09:49 D. Góngos Or Bayiadéras – Hash Smoking Chicks
1:11:08 Márkos Vamvakáris – Kápote Ímouna Ki Egó
(Excerpt from 4th Herald Tribune Womens Forum on Current Issues)
1:12:46 Henry Hall BBC Dance Orchestra – Wild Ride
(Excerpt from Newsreel of Krishnamurti in Sydney)
1:15:07 Pandit Omkarnath Prakur – Garawa Mayi Sang Lage Pt 1
(Excerpt from Newsreel of Krishnamurti in Sydney)
1:17:47 Udi Hrant – Cifte Telli
1:19:23 Munir Nurettin Selcuk And Sadettin Kaynak – Cikar Yuclerden
1:20:34 Mahmut Celalettin – Neva Hicaz Gazel
(Excerpt from Bright Eyes)
1:21:35 Ko Bok-Soo – Tahyangsal-i
(Excerpt from The Scarlet Pimpernel)
1:24:08 Kouta Katsutaro – Sakura Ondo
(Excerpt from Pathe Review of 1934)
(Excerpt from Dictators Meet Newsreel)
1:25:58 Joe Mccoy – Evil Devil Woman Blues
(Excerpt from The Black Cat)
1:27:17 Lucille Bogan – Pig Iron Sally
(Excerpt from It Happened One Night)
1:29:08 Papa Charlie Jackson – Scoodle Um Skoo
(Excerpt from Disney’s The Grasshopper and the Ants)
1:30:40 Memphis Jug Band – Gator Wobble
(Excerpt from The Barretts of Wimpole Street)
1:32:58 Benny Goodman – Cokey
(Excerpt from George Gershwin Radio Broadcast)
1:34:19 Boswell Sisters – Alexander’s Ragtime Band
(Excerpt from WWJ Ty Tyson NY Yankees vs Detroit Tigers)
1:36:48 Lew Stone And His Band – Canadian Capers
(Excerpt from George Gershwin Radio Broadcast)
1:38:14 Bing Crosby – I’m Hummin’ I’m Whistlin’ I’m Singin’
(Excerpt from Kid Millions)
1:40:19 Jimmy Grier – Goofus
(Excerpt from Disney’s The Grasshopper and the Ants)
1:42:34 Gid Tanner And His Skillet Lickers – Hawkins Rag
1:44:30 Edgar Lee Masters – Lucinda Matlock
1:45:20 Amedie Ardoin – Aimez-Moi Ce Soir
(Excerpt from Here Comes the Navy)
1:47:44 Benny Goodman & His Music Hall Orchestra – Bugle Call Rag
(Excerpt from Colorful Ports of Call)
1:51:00 Fats Waller – African Ripples
(Excerpt from Pathe Review of 1934)
1:54:27 Austin Coleman With Joe Washington – Good Lord (Run Old Jeremiah)
1:56:46 Sin Killer Griffin – The Man Of Calvary (Easter Service)
1:56:55 Leadbelly – Irene
1:58:05 Lightnin’ Washington – Black Gal
(Excerpt from Imitation of Life)
1:59:06 Sam McGee – Railroad Blues
(Excerpt from Twentieth Century)
2:00:58 Chick Webb’s Savoy Orchestra – Stompin’ At The Savoy
(Excerpt from The Thin Man)
2:02:48 Adrian Rollini (Vocal – Clay Bryson) – Got The Jitters
2:04:43 Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – The Continental
(Excerpt from L’Atalante)
2:06:15 Ray Noble (Vocal – Al Bowlly) – You Ought To Be In Pictures
(Excerpt from Pathe Review of 1934)
2:10:02 Al Bowlly Accompanied By Small Orchestra – That’s Me Without You
(Excerpt from George Formby – John Willie At The Licence Office)
2:11:40 George Formby – Believe It Or Not
(Excerpt from George Formby – John Willie Goes Carolling)
2:13:26 Leslie Sarony – What Can You Give A Nudist On Her Birthday?
(Excerpt from Odor In The Court)
2:15:36 Michel Warlop – Presentation Stomp (Orchestre + Django Reinhardt)
(Excerpt from Pathe Review of 1934)
2:17:50 Luperce Miranda – Naquele Tempo
2:19:58 Robert Frost – The Road Not Taken
2:20:58 Joe Venuti’s Blue Four – Satan’s Holiday
(Excerpt from Pathe Review of 1934)
2:22:55 Boswell Sisters – Object Of My Affection
(Excerpt from The Scarlet Empress)
2:25:30 Fletcher Henderson – Hotter Than ‘ell
2:28:24 Edgar Lee Masters – Emily Sparks
2:29:07 Coleman Hawkins (Piano – Buck Washington) – On The Sunny Side Of The Street
(Excerpt from One Night of Love)
2:30:49 Elsie Carlisle – Show Is Over
(Excerpt from George Formby – John Willie At The Licence Office)
2:32:10 Malinke Musicans, Mali – War Song, Harp with Drums
2:32:53 Percussion Ensemble Cond. By Nicolas Slonimsky – Ionisation
(Excerpt from Sadie McKee)

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