1943 Part 12 – December + Closing

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(Clip from Review of The Year 1943)
(Clip from BBC – Freddy Grisewood Reports on Tehran Conference)
00:49 The Stuff Smith Trio – Humoresque
(Clip from Amos & Andy – Candy for Caroline)
(Clip from Fibber McGee & Molly)
03:20 Dicky Wells and His Orchestra – I Got Rhythm
(Clip from CBC – Canadian Women Serving Overseas – Marietta McPherson)
(Clips from CBC – Wartime Rations Christmas – Dorothy Batchellor)
(Clip of Edward R Murrow)
05:40 Nat King Cole Trio – Embraceable You
(Clip from Jane Eyre)
09:32 Shamshad Begum & Motilal – O Jaanewale Aaja
(Clip from Five Graves To Cairo)
(Clips from Mother America)
11:50 Custódio Mesquita – Brejeiro
(Clip from Wartime With Bob Hope – The Christmas Package)
13:22 The Andrews Sisters – Sing (Radio Broadcast)
(Clip from BBC – King George Christmas Speech)
(Clip from CBS World News Today)
17:32 Bing Crosby & The Andrew Sisters – Victory Polka
(Clips from CBC – Matthew Hatton – Canadians Attack Ortona)
(Clip from Mother America)
19;38 Xavier Cugat – Linda Mujer
(Clip from Cockney Slang)
(Clip from Amos & Andy – Candy for Caroline)
(Clip from Fibber McGee & Molly)
(Clip from Dynamite Cargo)
(Clip from Shadow of a Doubt)
(Clip from Review of The Year 1943)
(Clip from Popeye – Seeing Red, White & Blue)

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