The Mid 1930s: The Symphony

A mix of classical / orchestral music recorded in the years 1934 to 1936, featuring solos from Sergei Rachmaninoff, Pablo Casals and Arthur Schnabel and musicians conducted by Nicolas Slonimsky and Leopold Stokowski.

0:00:00 Percussion Ensemble Cond. By Nicolas Slonimsky – Ionisation (1934)
0:05:30 Leopold Stokowski & Philadelphia Orchestra – Bach Toccata And Fugue In D-Minor (1934)
0:14:51 Sergei Rachmaninoff – Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini (1934)
0:36:59 Arthur Schnabel – Sonata No 21 In C Major, Op 53 ‘waldstein’ I Allegro Con Brio (1934)
0:46:50 Arthur Schnabel – Sonata No 29 In B Flat Major Op 106 ‘hammerklavier’ Iv Largo – Allegro Risoluto (1935)
0:57:52 Georges Boulanger – Avant De Mourir (My Prayer) (1935)
1:00:24 Georges Boulanger – La Trioletta (1936)
1:03:23 Pablo Casals – Suite No. 2 In D Minor (1936)
1:07:04 Busch Quartet – String Quartet No. 12 In E Flat Op. 127 – Ii. Adagio Ma Non Troppo, Molto Cantabile (1936)
1:23:45 Erna Berger, Tiana Lemnitz – Strauss (R)- Der Rosenkavalier – Ist Ein Traum, Kann Nicht Wirklich Sein (1936)

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