1928 in Art

René Magritte – The False Mirror
Edward Hopper – Night Windows
Eugenie McEvoy – Taxi! Taxi!
John French Sloan – Sixth Avenue Elevated at Third Street
John Steuart Curry – Baptism in Kansas
Georgia O’Keeffe – East River from the Shelton Hotel
L. S. Lowry – A Street Scene
M. C. Escher – Tower of Babel
Edwin Dickinson – The Fossil Hunters
Alexej von Jawlensky – Abstract Head
Charles Sims – I Am the Abyss and I Am Light
Joan Miró – Dutch Interior II
Otto Dix – Portrait of the Journalist Sylvia von Harden
Meredith Frampton – Marguerite Kelsey
Frida Kahlo – Dama de Blanco
Gustave Van de Woestijne – Azure
Tarsila do Amaral – Abaporu
René Magritte – The Empty Mask

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