1913 in Art

Franz Marc - The Fate of the Animals (Tierschicksale)

Franz Marc – The Fate of the Animals (Tierschicksale)

Albert Gleizes – Man in a Hammock

Kazimir Malevich – Head of a Peasant Girl

Jean Metzinger – La Femme à l’éventail (Woman with a fan)

Laura Knight – Self Portrait with Nude

August Macke – Two Girls

Vanessa Bell – Tents

Giorgio de Chirico – Ariadne

George Bellows – Cliff Dwellers

Umberto Boccioni – Dynamism of a Soccer Player

Gustav Klimt – The Maiden (Die Jungfrau)

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – Berlin Street Scene

Juan Gris – Violin and Playing Cards on a Table

Franz Nölken – Max Reger

JEH MacDonald – Fine Weather, Georgian Bay

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