1912 in Art

Jean Metzinger - Danseuse au café

Jean Metzinger – Danseuse au café

Giacomo Balla – The Hand of the Violinist (The Rhythms of the Bow)

František Kupka – Katedrála

Henri Matisse – The Conversation

Vilhelm Hammershøi – Interior with an Easel

Robert Delaunay – Simultaneous Windows on the City

Kazimir Malevich – The Knifegrinder

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – Nollendorfplatz

Pablo Picasso – Violin and Grapes

Wyndham Lewis – Smiling Woman Ascending a Stair

Vanessa Bell – Portrait of Virgina Woolf

John Sloan – Red Kimono on the Roof

Egon Schiele – Portrait of Wally

Fernand Léger – Woman In Blue

Franz Marc – Roter Stier

Georgia O’Keeffe – Untitled (University of Virginia)

George Bellows – Men of the Docks

Tom Thomson – Drowned Land

Albert Gleizes – Le Dépiquage des Moissons (Harvest Threshing)

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